I get 83rd degree depression when I step on a leaf and it’s not crunchy like thanks for nothing bitch

Were you always hoping they would make a movie out of it (The Perks of Being A Wallflower)?

IS THAT TONGUE I SPOTTED? #Chairkiss. — Anonymous

I think so, yes? Hah! :P

nice caption just kidding i’m deleting it u peasant

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Rooney Mara | Oscar’s Red Carpet

like 75% of my followers never like or reblog any of my posts

they’re just sitting there


 #YES #i really want to understand why tho i mean i post a text post and with the amount of followers i have i should get at least 100 answers #but noo haha i barely get 5 #why guys why talk to me! are you alive? are we human or ar we tumblrbots

  • mom: why are you smiling at the computer

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