the tumblr custom photoset script doesn't work with me it says "Invalid input: The sum of all numbers must equal the number of images to be uploaded." can you please help me? please. — Anonymous

If you want to put 10 gifs in one set like this:

click on +add another photo until it reaches 10 and then on the box where it says “use custom”, you need to type in 22222 = meaning there will be 5 rows of two gifs. For 7 rows with 1 gif each row like the one I did here, put in 1111111. The number that’s in the “use custom” box should be equal to the number of times you click on +add another photo or the number of gifs you want in your set (gahd does that even make sense?? haha!). You can go here tho for additional examples and explanation on how to use it. Hope it helps! (:

Hi Michelle, your edits are so pretty! Can I ask you what texture do you uses, your pictures always look so soft, lol, how do you do it? Do you have a tutorial maybe? :) — Anonymous

Hi! (: I’m not really good with compliments, so I’ll just say thank you! LOL Anyway, I actually never use textures because I suck at using those. Haha! I use topaz which you can download here. What I do is I sharpen the image first. After sharpening, I duplicate that layer. Apply topaz to that duplicated layer. (BTW once you have topaz installed, you can locate it on photoshop by going to Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz Clean and then a separate window will open. I have CS3 tho, I’m not sure if it is the same path for the latest versions). Choose cartooned from the presets on the left.

Then, you can try this setting or this (which is what I usually use).

As for the PSD, this is what I use with my edits but I checked and the dl link isn’t working. :/ I suggest you visit their blog tho, they have a lot of really nice psd’s.

After I put the coloring I want (this is optional btw), I merge all layers (shift + ctrl + alt + e), then I smart sharpen the image. Here are the settings I use:

That’s it. Haha! There’s nothing special really as I don’t want to complicate things. LOL So yeah, hope I was able to help. :D

which setting do you use making gifs in kmplayer? how many frames in a minute? :) — Anonymous

Here are the settings I use: 

And then I time the frames to either 0.06 or 0.07 seconds. (:

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how did you do that thing with your sidebar?? like, everytime that you refresh the page is with a different gif. — Anonymous

I used a specific script for that. You can actually try and search “random images on refresh” and some websites will give you instructions about it. But anyways, on the customize page, look for this part of the code:

<center><img src=”{image:sidebar}”>

Copy paste this script after:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
// <![CDATA[
function random_imglink(){
var myimages=new Array()
//specify random images below. You can have as many as you wish

var ry=Math.floor(Math.random()*myimages.length)
if (ry==0)
document.write('<img src="'+myimages[ry]+'" border=0>')
// ]]]]><![CDATA[>
// ]]></script>

and then I replaced the img urls with the gifs I want to use. (: