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1. What is your favorite time of the year? 

  • Probably any day that’s a holiday because I get paid double. Haha :D

2. Which person you would love him/her in every way? (Like when they’re older?)

  • My mom. She’ll always be my hero. (: 

3. How are you imagining your 30 year old self?

  • I’m probably not living in the same country anymore. LOL Successful at work and living with a family of my own.

4. Top 5 Places you can live in forever?

  • The top 5 I would want to live in forever would be NYC, California, Paris, Australia and maybe New Zealand. 

5. Which sports you are interested in?

  • I’m never interested in sports. LOL I’m not a sporty person. 

6. What is your favorite TV character?

  • I’d go with Blair……..and Chuck. :P

7. What is the best vacation place and what kind of vacation that is?

  • I’d love to visit the Maldives. Or anywhere where there are beaches and a beautiful sunset.

8. Your weakness?

  • Can it be weaknesses? Hehe. In a person: sense of humor, smile, eyes, someone who can carry on a conversation and someone who smells good. LOL In general: food, GG, lip and cheek tints (can’t get enough of them hehe), Kinder chocolates andddd probably Chapstick lipbalm (I have like, every flavor there is LOL)

9. Things irritates you so much, you can’t stand?

  • One thing I hate more than anything in the world are liars. And anything that smells bad. And cinnamon. LOL

10. Name one celeb, crush, idol and what would you do with him/her in a day?

  • Okay, I’ve had the biggest crush on Ed Westwick for years now but I’ll go with Jesse Eisenberg on this one. I’ll probably go shopping with him and help him buy some New Balances, a red Indiana hat, a checkered and red shirt, a bicycle….oh, wait…… ;P And I’ll probably help him feed his 34543212234 cats LOL

11. What is your biggest and craziest dream? Even though it looks impossible to come true?

  • That either Ed Westwick or Jesse Eisenberg and I are married. (:

♥ ♥ Sorry I answered late but thanks for tagging me, Pelin! (: