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" I think human beings are amazing. And love is an honor and an opportunity. And a fragile thing. A fragile process in which there’s no room for doubt, or shame, or hatred.”

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"It’s been a long, fantastic ride. Everyone’s enjoyed it immensely." - Ed Westwick | GG Special Retrospective

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I was excited to hear that it is audiobook month becoss I am a performer of audiobooks as well as a consumer of audiobooks. I am about to finish listening to David Brooks’ book “The Social Animal.” I love the man who reads it, although I wish he would speed it up a little bit towards the end because I have somewhere to be and would like to finish it. I love audiobooks in general becoss they allow my hands to do other things while I take in a story and they are such a wonderful way to convey literature to those who might not have the immediate ability to read a book. I work with students who read the books on tape that I’ve read and I read with them in person and they follow along in the book and it kind of, maybe expedites the learning to read process and makes it fun. And I look forward to doing more and to celebrating….this month….debaucherously. (x)

10/100 Ed Westwick

10/100 Ed Westwick

The most fun thing about the set for me was, in addition to working with these great actors who are very funny, was to watch Woody Allen work because he is my favorite director. So to get to watch him direct is so exciting. He’s so quick, he’s so funny and casual. It’s just a unique and thrilling experience.